Keynote speaker: Dr Etienne van der Walt

Etienne is a neurologist, co-founder and CEO of Neurozone®. He conceptualized the Neurozone® Model of Brain Performance and is also an expert in early childhood brain development. Etienne blends extensive experience from the clinical world with years of active involvement in the fields of leadership development, research, analytics and developmental cognitive neuroscience. He brings unique insights and a conceptual understanding of the intricate role of the brain/body system for resilience, self-leadership, learning capacity and innovation for thriving in a rapidly changing world. While Etienne speaks to the DNA of all, leaders benefit especially from their discovery of the practical neuroscience insights and tools Etienne offers in his Keynote topics.

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Topics for keynote speaking

While Etienne enjoys linking a variety of leadership themes and competencies with the underpinning neuroscience, he frequently covers the following topics:

  • The Neuroscience of Thriving: how leaders can build a thriving work environment
  • Resilience: Use insights from the Brain/Body System to enhance Resilience
  • Learning and the Brain: How to effectively reduce ‘Time to Competence’
  • Innovation: How to use current understanding of neuroscience to improve complex problem solving
  • Development of the Social Brain: Essential ingredients for a Champion Team
  • Understanding the neuroscientific value of Empathy and Compassion for collective team performance
  • The neuroscience of Purpose and Goal Directedness

Etienne has engaged with:

“My team has never been so engaged. The focus has changed to problem solving. We have made huge progress. Attitudes have changed. Teams are being created. Our world view has changed, we have a more positive, purpose-driven team and we are trying to consolidate and align our ‘why’ ”

Bryan Chaplog


Bio: Dr Etienne van der Walt

BSc, BMedSc, MBChB, MMed (Neurology)

Etienne is an accomplished neurologist, cognitive neuroscientist, and authority in early childhood brain development. Etienne’s 14-year career as a clinical neurologist means he has a deep understanding of the anatomy, biology, and physiology of the brain and the human nervous system. In more recent years, his professional and personal fascination with the remarkable discoveries coming from the various brain sciences has led him to believe in the vast potential of this new knowledge to enhance human capacity. Or, as Etienne puts it, to enhance normality. The realization of this vision is the founding of Cape Town based Neurozone®, a neuroscience business dedicated to the application of brain science to enhance human capacity.

At the heart of the business of Neurozone® is a proprietary working model of brain performance. Conceived and developed by Etienne, this model builds on the anatomy, biology, and physiology of brain performance to identify key drivers that can be individually and collectively enhanced for optimum brain performance. The model draws on research from neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry etc.

The founder of AmazingBrainz, a non-profit dedicated to the design of programs for the brain stimulation of young, developing children – especially in disadvantaged communities. Etienne worked as a neurologist in South Africa, the UK, and the Netherlands, currently spearheads the development of the Centre for Brain Performance Sciences in Cape Town and speaks to diverse audiences of leaders, professionals, educators, and parents about the amazing human brain.