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Peer-reviewed Paper

The development and validation of the Resilience Index

The comprehensive, inclusive, and cutting-edge measure of resilience

This index highlights three novel findings specifically:
  • It encompasses existing theoretical understandings of resilience but also includes two novel components: early-life stability and toxic stress
  • The index applies to individuals from high-, middle-, and low-income contexts.
  • It is the first to develop unique cut-off scores that classify individuals into low, moderate, or high levels of resilience.
Neurozone science peer-reviewed paper
Peer-Reviewed Paper

The relationship between resilience and student success among a sample of South African enigeneering students

Behavioral predictors that underlie resilience were identified, and a framework for implementing behavioral interventions to enhance resilience was outlined

Student success was measured by looking at:

  • Academic performance
  • Turnover intentions, and
  • Brain-body optimization.
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Research Report

Discover Predictors of Resilience

Learn about Neurobehaviors and how to unlock High Performance

This Index covers critical learnings to develop a high performance culture based on a credible and insightful five-year (2016 - 2021) study of almost 15,000 high performing leaders globally.

dynamic neurobehviors in the workplace index


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