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For Individuals:

The Neurozone® High Performance App

It's a volatile and uncertain world - and your people can feel it

Decreased focus, reduced productivity and job satisfaction, and increased burnout levels are impacting organizations worldwide. When people feel disconnected from one another, lose their sense of curiosity and enthusiasm, become out of sync with their brain-body systems and stop innovating, organizations lose out. 

To survive and thrive, individuals, teams, and organizations need to build their resilience. Our app provides guidance to individuals in organizations on how to best improve their capacity for High-Performance.

Neurozone App
Neurozone High Performance Course product

Neurozone® High Performance Course

For leaders and teachers, the need to apply neuroscience principles has become paramount

This 12-week course is based on credible neuroscience, promising enhanced resilience and high performance by providing insights into the brain. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about brain-body optimization - especially leaders, teachers, and other professionals, considering that they impact the ones they work with immensely.

For Teams

Neurozone® High Performance Team Report

Your teams want  to perform at their best. We'll show them how to do just that

A team is a living system and is dependent on each other. Social Safety and Team Cohesion are huge predictors of resilience, but are often overlooked.  

We help you identify your recommendations and commendations to increase wellbeing and performance - by using neuroscience and analytics.

Team High Performance
Neurozone Masterclasses by Dr Etienne van der Walt

Neurozone® Masterclasses

Profound neuroscience insights to protect your people against burnout, and to harness high performance

Dr. Etienne van der Walt models profound yet simplified insights fusing his decades of experience as a neurologist and Neurozone CEO.

  • Learn how to apply behavioral neuroscience principles at work.
  • Get practical tips to hack your personal performance
  • Apply knowledge of the brain and systems thinking in the workplace
  • Understand true resilience works and its role in sustainable growth

These insights will prepare individuals to be continuously ready to perform at their best in an ever-rapidly evolving business world.  In-person and group masterclasses are available.




For Organizations

Neurozone Organizational Heatmap_product

Neurozone® Organizational / Group Heatmap

Need an overview of what your organization is doing well - or not so well?

Strategic decisions are difficult to make if you are not aware of your team's strengths, needs, or capacities.  You have limited time in a day - checking up on all of your departments and groups would be far too time-consuming.

Let's help you out.

Neurozone® Consulting and Organizational Integration

Facilitating behavioral changes that are in line with your organizational goal can be disheartening

We're here to do it for you.

Neurozone®’s Organizational Development Consultants partner with your Human Capital and Leadership teams to establish the best ways to guide your organization towards optimal, system-wide employee performance.

Broadly, Consultants help identify and facilitate the adoption of behavioral changes that are aligned with your organizational goals of human development and well-being. 

Neurozone Consulting and integration service

The Neuro-Analytics Partnership

Where everything comes together

As pioneers of proven, precision well-being, we provide you with a solution tailored for your specific needs. 

Leadership development and organizational effectiveness have never been as important as they are today. We use credible neuroscience, people analytics, and systems thinking to unlock the full potential of your workforce by taking you on a systemic resilience-building journey to prevent the burnout of your staff and unlock high performance.

neurozone neuro-analytics partnership: Consultation

1. Consultation

Our team of Neurozone® consultants works with key individuals in your organization to understand your needs and identify areas for development.

neurozone neuro-analytics partnership: Solution

2.  Presentation of your tailored solution

Our neuroscientists and organizational development consultants propose a customized neuro-analytics program, driven by our proprietary High Performance Code, and aligned to your organization’s specific goals.

Implementation: Structured and agile

3. Implementation: structured and agile 

The program runs over 12 months, in a phased approach. The first three months focus on your leadership team. After that, we incorporate the rest of the organization, while continuing to work with the leadership group. Assessment and new data allow us to adjust and refine the program at each phase.

ongoing people analytics

4. Ongoing people analytics 

We provide people analytics throughout the journey. This helps you develop and implement resilience strategies that improve well-being and unlock high performance. We also proactively make suggestions for targeted interventions to improve your scores.

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What our clients say

Neurozone® High Performance App

"Neurozone® provided that holistic approach to my growth trajectory that I needed to embark on, because it offered a new way of thinking, well-being of my body and mind coupled with a depth of learning that I didn't anticipate. I am now a proudly certified Neurozone coach, and eager to do my part in guiding others on this course towards optimal performance."

Leah Kitoloh
Talent and Performance Strategist

Neurozone® High Performance Leadership Masterclass

“Dr. Etienne van der Walt provides profound insights into human performance.  His online masterclass facilitation course is a powerful tool for leaders and organizational development professionals seeking accurate and practical applications of neuroscience in business.”

Carlos Arce
Organizational development specialist, facilitator and company leader-customer experience at Elation

Neurozone® High Performance Course

“Understanding how the brain works helps leaders to better understand how processing information, problem- solving and making decisions impact those around us. Dr Etienne’s easy, conversational style of delivery and engagement makes the acquisition of knowledge and ability to apply simple and realistic, which definitely assisted me to assimilate the lessons learnt and capabilities acquired. Would recommend this to any leader striving to achieve success in their role and equipping themselves for the future!”

Liesl C Petersen
Group HR: Leadership and Management Development Specialist: Nedbank

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