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At the heart of our code lies an earnest desire to help people

How it started 

Neurozone® was founded in 2011 by Dr. Etienne van der Walt and company director Tony Kirton.

As a clinical neurologist, Etienne was increasingly aware of the urgent need to develop innovative solutions for individuals and teams to reduce the risk of burnout and prevent brain-body system implosion. 

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The Code

To address this growing epidemic, Etienne conceptualized the first model for Brain Performance, delivering evidence-based interventions to

    • build resilience as the buffer against burnout and simultaneously
    • unlock human capacity for high performance

The model then developed the Neurozone® High Performance Code as a paradigm for managing and optimizing the individual and collective brain-body system for High Performance and enhancing resilience capacity.

The Neurozone® High Performance Code provides organizations with invaluable insights into how underlying human performance drivers affect key business outcomes and informs all of the development of Neurozone® products.

How we help you

Neurozone® has simplified science into practical, usable products that deliver measurable results.

Notably, we provide our clients with a scientifically robust, integrative lens into burnout risk, resilience levels, and interventions to improve performance outcomes.

We render products, consulting services, industry partnerships, and neuro-analytic partnerships to help you find a customized solution for your specific need.

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Our Core Team

Dr. Etienne van der Walt
Neurologist, CEO, and Co-Founder

Etienne pioneers the way for high performance readiness in the field of organizational development and business coaching. He also drives the business's global expansion by offering subject matter expertise and strategic support to the team.

Olinka Leo
Head of Operations

With over 30 years of experience, Olinka is an expert at designing efficient, effective systems. This expertise and dedication to her craft ensures that Neurozone® runs like a well-oiled six-star ship.

Dr. Mariza van Wyk
Neuropsychologist and Head of Science and Analytics

Mariza is a neuropsychologist and neuroscientist with both clinical and research experience in understanding the enigmas of the brain. She uses this knowledge and insights from Neurozone®’s proprietary data, the High Performance Code, to inform the development of practical and usable products.

Tyler Phillips
Research Psychologist and Lead Content Specialist

Tyler combines his skills and insights as a psychological researcher, experienced educator, and copywriter to fashion innovative content and facilitates the structuring of Neurozone®’s practical business tools and solutions.

Luché van der Merwe
Head of Marketing

Luché is passionate about neuroscience and believes that employee well-being and high performance can be cultivated by understanding the brain-body system. She spends her time at Neurozone® by leading marketing efforts to connect Neurozone® with companies globally.

Carien Moolman     
Head of Digital Product Design

By using a Human Centred-Design approach, Carien delivers products and services to make the world a kinder place. As our User Experience Designer, she uses her diverse range of expertise to ensure that we provide our users with exceptional creative experiences.

Madelein Dreyer
Biomedical Engineer and Head of Diagnostics

Madelein is a biomedical engineer with a keen interest in neuropsychology. She has experience in neuromechanics, digital signal processing, and biotechnology. She utilizes these skills to build the seamless diagnostics system at Neurozone®.


Sarah Loots
Lead Support Services

Sarah is an Administrator with 30 years of experience. Her proven record of successful back office and executive teams support depicts her commitment to excellence in service.  Sarah's philosophy centers around what role she can play in helping others find solutions. Her positive attitude and tireless efforts keeps the team focused on their objectives.

Cuan Macnab-Holding
Consultant: Business and Organizational Development

Cuan has an interest in the psychology behind employee empowerment, and is passionate about helping organizations mobilize their human potential and performance. Cuan supports Neurozone® clients by integrating his knowledge in business development and organizational development.  



Ross Lakey
Computer Engineer and Lead POPIA and GDPR Compliance

Ross is a newly graduated Electrical and Computer Engineer with an interest in embedded systems and computer hardware. He is assisting Neurozone® in becoming compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act).

Dr. Chrisna Swart
Neuroscientist and Head of Neurozone® Coaching

Chrisna is a qualified and experienced neuroscientist and coach whose greatest passion is training and supporting business coaches worldwide to integrate neuroscience principles into their daily coaching practice. 

Micaela van Rooyen
Lead Support Services - Neurozone® Coaching

Micaela is a great asset to the Neurozone team. With her impeccable organizational skills, she assits with various administrative tasks to ensure we offer world-class service to our clients. 

Marina Pretorius
Lead Organizational Development Consulting

Marina is an Organizational Psychologist and Coach with a passion for building systemic resilience into organizations. As a Consulting Psychologist, she has worked in a wide range of industries and brings this experience to the Neurozone team to consult on organizational integration of the Neurozone products to promote sustainable human flourishing and well-being through work.


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What our clients say

Neurozone® High Performance App

"Neurozone® provided that holistic approach to my growth trajectory that I needed to embark on, because it offered a new way of thinking, well-being of my body and mind coupled with a depth of learning that I didn't anticipate. I am now a proudly certified Neurozone coach, and eager to do my part in guiding others on this course towards optimal performance."

Leah Kitoloh
Talent and Performance Strategist

Neurozone® High Performance Leadership Masterclass

“Dr. Etienne van der Walt provides profound insights into human performance.  His online masterclass facilitation course is a powerful tool for leaders and organizational development professionals seeking accurate and practical applications of neuroscience in business.”

Carlos Arce
Organizational development specialist, facilitator and company leader-customer experience at Elation

Neurozone® High Performance Course

“Understanding how the brain works helps leaders to better understand how processing information, problem- solving and making decisions impact those around us. Dr Etienne’s easy, conversational style of delivery and engagement makes the acquisition of knowledge and ability to apply simple and realistic, which definitely assisted me to assimilate the lessons learnt and capabilities acquired. Would recommend this to any leader striving to achieve success in their role and equipping themselves for the future!”

Liesl C Petersen
Group HR: Leadership and Management Development Specialist: Nedbank

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