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We certify coaches using cutting-edge applied neuroscience to transform their coaching approach

Why become Neurozone® Certified?

Our methodology is unparalleled to any neuroscience-based coaching out there. We develop coaches who are unique thinkers guided by a deeper understanding of how the overarching behavioral neuroscience and systems biology principles apply to the individual, teams, and organizational interconnectivity and prosperity.
By aligning your coaching approach to our Model of Brain Performance principles, you will distinguish your impact to stand above the rest as both a model and facilitator of brain-body system optimization for high performance.
Give your clients the benefit of enhanced resilience that prevents burnout and unlocks high performance.
Join us for cutting-edge training to become a truly neuroscience-informed coach.
Why become Neurozone Certified

33 CCEUs including:

  • 28 Core Competency hours
  • 5 Resource Development hours
cutting edge neuroscience-based products

Cutting-Edge Neuroscience-Driven Tools

Our High Performance Code provides individuals and teams with the most impactful behaviors they need to optimize to build their resilience. These include emotional and cognitive states.
The personalized individual and team reports provide High-Impact recommendations for your clients. These tools simplify the practical application of complex theories, enabling you to do the coaching while bringing the science to your clients.

Still not sure? Watch this video

Watch this video to hear from Dr. Etienne van der Walt, neurologist and CEO of Neurozone®, as well as Dr. Chrisna Swart, neuroscientist and consultant at Neurozone®, about what it means to be a truly neuroscience-informed coach:

The Courage to Understand

Read Dr Chrisna Swart's article, "The Courage to Understand", published in the Møller Institute's Inspire Magazine. 
Møller Institute Inspire Magazine Publication
Why become a Neurozone coach?

Your credible Science Partner

Our continuously optimized code enables coaches to unlock resilience and high performance capacities in individuals and teams to excel in the fast-paced landscape of a volatile world, by blending behavioral brain diagnostics, neuroscience insights, and robust coaching methodologies.
You can rest assured that you are in safe scientific hands. We support you with credible science through our training and personalized tools to enable you to do what you do best: coaching.



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Want to watch more?

Other webinars by subject matter experts, including Dr Etienne van der Walt and Dr Chrisna Swart, are available on demand.
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We have more than 500 coaches across the globe. 
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Neurozone® and MIT

The Neurozone® diagnostic system has been used by the executive management program at MIT since 2016.


What our clients say

The Neurozone® Advanced Course

The Advanced Neurozone Certification program was extremely valuable. It was well structured and the practical component, excellent. It exceeded my expectations! It gave me an in-depth understanding of the body-mind system. This approach to health integrates biological, psychological, and social factors.  Neuroscience-based coaching is aimed at equipping people to become self-aware and to self-manage their health and well-being. It will equip people to handle stress and cope better with life demands. It moves people from surviving to thriving!"

Elmien Solms

The Neurozone® Advanced Course

“Being part of the Neurozone® Advanced Course was a great decision and a valuable use of my time.  The training helped me to improve my coaching practice, and showed me how I can make a positive impact on my clients, by leveraging the neuroscience and Neurozone® models.”

Andres Haidar

The Neurozone® Advanced Course

“The Neurozone® Advanced Course consolidated the importance of integrating daily behaviors that lead to incremental energy shifts. It explored the breadth of ways for this to be achieved and how it can support clients’ well-being and resilience.”

Andy Gild

The Neurozone® Advanced Course

“This programme has helped me understand why coaching structures and interventions work to change behavior. Dr. Chrisna Swart was a supportive resource and a wealth of knowledge in this area. She is warm, open, and approachable. As a side benefit, I have developed relationships with a group of like-minded coaches from  the programme, with whom I continue to meet to discuss ways to approach our coaching practices.”

Barb Gibson

The Neurozone® Advanced Course

“The main reason I like to share information about the Neurozone® Advanced Course with my community is because every day I experience the huge value of its learnings. That value goes beyond integrating and applying the  theoretical knowledge, the conceptual framework and the many practical coaching-methodologies.  I practice it in my own daily wellness rhythms and for goal-setting. This course opens the coaching practitioner to the edges of optimizing the human body-mind systems. It is an invitation to stay on  the  path of discovery and high performance readiness.”

Sonja Vlaar

The Neurozone® Advanced Course

“Surely one of the best and most valuable trainings I have attended.  This Neurozone® Advanced Course has not only deepened my own insights and understanding of the Neuroscience of resilience and high performance readiness, but has also provided practical tools, knowledge and information that will enhance my engagements and contribution to support my clients on their journeys of personal growth - to truly thrive and be resilient.  Chrisna is a very professional facilitator and truly knows her stuff.  A well prepared, well organized and focused sharing and learning experience!”

Gerda Kotze

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