The Neurozone® Team Assessment

Helping you cultivate team effectiveness, well-being, and performance.


How does it work?

  • Team members complete a 20-minute online assessment
  • The Team Report is generated based on this data
  • This report informs the team's journey
  • Unique neuroscientific data insights and recommendations are provided to:
    • enhance team performance,
    • increase team resilience, and
    • increase team cohesion.

Your Team Effectiveness Journey

A resilience-building journey for your teams and individuals.

As social beings, we naturally aggregate into groups, and in organizations, we form teams. The goal of any team is to be highly effective, to achieve their goals collaboratively, and to create success for the bigger organization.

Considering that focus has shifted towards building and empowering teams that can work across projects and challenges, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to focus on team effectiveness in order to build high-performing, interconnected, and flexible teams.

So, how do you get started?

To improve your team’s effectiveness, you’ll need to start with an assessment of your team’s functioning, followed by interventions to enhance your team’s well-being and high performance. 

A team is made up of individuals, and so, our app can also support this team journey on an individual level.

Neurozone’s modern and cutting-edge team resilience diagnostic is exactly what organizations need. Rigorous neuroscience research provides you with insights into your team’s resilience, supported by brain-based behavioral recommendations.

These recommendations are aimed at facilitating behavioral change, improving your team’s resilience, and unlocking their high performance as a living system.


Prevent burnout

Build resilience

Unlock high performance