Dr Etienne van der Walt Neurozone CEO

"I vividly remember the moment I fell in love with the brain and its mysteries."

- Dr Etienne van der Walt

The pioneer

The Pioneer

Dr Etienne van der Walt is an accomplished neurologist and an authority in applied behavioral neuroscience.  Etienne’s 14-year career as a clinical neurologist means he has a deep understanding of the brain’s anatomy, biology, physiology, and the human nervous system.

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In more recent years, his professional and personal fascination with the remarkable discoveries from various brain sciences has led him to believe in the vast potential of this new knowledge to enhance human capacity.  The realization of this vision is the founding of Neurozone®, a neuroscience business dedicated to applying brain science, analytics, and coaching to enhance human capacity.

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Etienne has developed a keen understanding of the neurobiological substrates, principles, and insights that underpin team and organizational performance.  This knowledge enables Etienne to blend a variety of subjects into an integrated whole for practical application. He is also an in-demand keynote speaker and masterclass teacher. 

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Etienne is the founder of AmazingBrainzTM, an organization dedicated to designing programs for the brain stimulation of young, developing children – especially in disadvantaged communities.

Etienne has worked extensively in South Africa, the UK, and the Netherlands as a neurologist.  In addition to his medical and clinical neurology degrees, Etienne holds BSc degrees in Chemistry, Mathematical Statistics, and Integrated Physiology and Virology.

McKinsey & Company

Affiliated with McKinsey & Company

Dr Etienne van der Walt is a member of the consortium for Learning Innovation at McKinsey global. 

Resources by the Thought Leader

Neurozone® Masterclasses

Dr. Etienne van der Walt models profound yet simplified insights fusing his decades of experience as a neurologist and Neurozone® CEO, enabling individuals to perform at their best.

  • Learn how to apply behavioral neuroscience principles at work
  • Get practical tips to hack your personal performance
  • Apply knowledge of the brain and systems thinking in the workplace
  • Understand how true resilience works and its role in sustainable growth

Both in-person and online group masterclasses are available.


What our clients say

Neurozone® High Performance Leadership Masterclass

The Neurozone high performance masterclass was an inspiring, transformational, and life-changing experience both in my work and personal life.

Viewing leadership through the lens of neuroscience gave me an interesting new perspective to everything I have been teaching about leadership for the past 30 years. Dr van der Walt brings credibility and authority to the world of leadership and opens up minds to provide clarity on how to develop behavioral change in both yourself and others.

He masterfully presents a topic as mysterious and complex as the human brain in a way that I can actually utilize in both individual and team coaching and leadership development interventions. Thank you for the excitement you create for neuroscience and its opportunities for building resilient leaders and organisations. It was a masterclass indeed!"

Tessie Herbst
Tshwane University of Technology, Academic Leadership Development

Neurozone® High Performance Leadership Masterclass

“Dr. Etienne van der Walt provides profound insights into human performance.  His online masterclass facilitation course is a powerful tool for leaders and organizational development professionals seeking accurate and practical applications of neuroscience in business.”

Carlos Arce
Organizational development specialist, facilitator and company leader-customer experience at Elation

Neurozone® High Performance Leadership Masterclass

"I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Found it interesting, informative, relevant and helpful.

Etienne is clearly passionate about the subject and presents it with wonderful energy and incredible expertise. He was also very flexible, read the audience well and adapted to our needs and interests."

Sharon Rix
Organizational Development at Investec



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