Unlocking the potential of the human brain

Neurozone®’s brain-boosting programmes cut through the complexities of the latest neuroscience to deliver measurable results. Whether you are a business or an individual, we have the solution for optimizing your wellbeing and brain performance.

Personal wellness and enhanced performance

Within the first few weeks, if you comply with your action plan, you can expect an overall improvement in your brain performance through reduced chronic stress, greater clarity of mind and better problem-solving capacity. And that’s just the beginning.

The ultimate goal is thriving

When brain and body are performing together at their peak, we reach an ideal state of thriving. This results in higher resilience when faced with life’s challenges, better self-leadership and increased creativity. Neurozone® enables individuals and businesses to thrive.

Peak performance for all


Business professionals

Neurozone® can optimize individual performance by the reduction of chronic stress and enhancement of innovation and resilience.



The Neurozone® model recognizes learning as one of the fundamental human capacities and can help teachers understand its neurological basis.



Through the enhancement of working memory and learning ability Neurozone® can improve academic performance and self-leadership.



With our focus on wellness and an active lifestyle Neurozone® can help prevent cognitive decline through the brain’s neuroplasticity.



Employees that follow the Neurozone® programme tend to be more engaged, less absent and enjoy increased job performance.


HR consultants

With the Neurozone® platform you can guide your clients with our practical workplace tools and resource allocation mapping.

Brain-boosting features

3-month action plan

After receiving your unique Brain Performance Opportunity Profile, you also get a personalized 3-month action plan to guide you to a life of peak performance and ultimate thriving.

Mobile-friendly platform

The Neurozone® online platform works just as well on your mobile phone as on your PC or Mac. With access to your profile and personal recommendations on the go you can boost your performance anywhere.

Comparison feature

Compare your brain performance and wellness index to others in your peer group or organization. Use our weekly challenges to improve your scores and climb the ranks.

Video seminars

Our series of informative brain performance seminars feature innovative animated videos to enhance your learning. Play around with our proprietary 3D Model of Brain Performance to increase your understanding of the human brain.

Workplace tools

Gain access to practical workplace tools in your Neurozone® Toolbox. With titles ranging from ‘How to move more in the workplace’ to ‘A recipe for creative problem solving’ you are sure to find some useful applications here.

Weekly e-letters

Our weekly e-letters are full of practical neuroscience insights that will help you on your way to thriving. Developed as a motivational tool to complement your action plan, each e-letter contains valuable tips to improve your performance.