What we do

Through the practical application of neuroscience we deliver effective solutions with extraordinary dividends for business leaders. Our methodology links neuroscience markers with human competencies. Analytics provide clients with maps to guide optimization of major drivers for mastery of any competency essential for success.

Neurozone®’s Model of Brain Performance, in combination with our Brain Performance Opportunity Diagnostic, and our correlative analytics serve as the platform for a revolutionary program designed to accelerate mastery of four core competencies for high performance leadership: resilience, self-leadership, learning capacity, and innovation capacity.


Personal wellness and enhanced performance

We collaborate with our clients to package deliverables customized for different needs and for different levels of leadership through a variety of products:

  • The Neurozone® Online System with App for all participants (includes individual assessment, online brain coaching to enhance awareness and compliance, and personalized individual reports)
  • Customized Analytics:
    • Group Reports (Coaching reports for teams)
    • Competency Analytics (mapping to core and/or desired competencies)
    • Performance Outcomes Analytics (mapping to organizational performance outcomes)
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Individual and Group Coaching


While our core competency is the neuroscience of high performance, we partner with experts in different fields to ensure the best possible outcomes for clients. These partners typically include:

  • Consulting and Executive Coaching Firms
  • Individual Coaches and Consultants
  • Educational Partners in the field of Leadership Development

Our Neuroscience for High Performance Leadership Solution can also be combined with leadership development programs currently in use by clients to build core and/or desired leadership competencies.


A selection of our clients and partners