What we do

Through the practical application of neuroscience we deliver effective solutions with extraordinary dividends for business leaders. Our methodology links neuroscience markers with human competencies. Analytics provide clients with maps to guide optimization of major drivers for mastery of any competency essential for success.

Neurozone®’s Model of Brain Performance, in combination with our Brain Performance Opportunity Diagnostic, and our correlative analytics serve as the platform for a revolutionary program designed to accelerate mastery of four core competencies for high performance leadership: resilience, self-leadership, learning capacity, and innovation capacity.

The FourCore Solution: Five products for individuals and groups


While our core competency is the neuroscience of high performance, we partner with experts in different fields to ensure the best possible outcomes for clients. These partners typically include:

  • Consulting and Executive Coaching Firms
  • Individual Coaches and Consultants
  • Educational Partners in the field of Leadership Development

Our Neuroscience for High Performance Leadership Solution can also be combined with leadership development programs currently in use by clients to build core and/or desired leadership competencies.

A selection of our clients and partners

  • Dr Tara Swart, The Unlimited Mind - CEO

    This is the best neuroscience-based metric out there. I use it with my classes at MIT, my CE level coaching clients and our team resilience studies to great insight and effect.

  • Lisa Goren, MIT Sloan - Lecturer

    I was so impressed with using the Neurozone personally, that I knew I had to integrate it into the curriculum of a leadership development program I helped develop. Participants love using it because the language and recommendations are relevant, practical and easy to understand. It's been a pleasure working with the Neurozone team because they have been true partners, communicating in ways that convey a deep level of knowledge and a high level of responsiveness. I look forward to continuing to use the Neurozone personally and with leaders who I teach and coach.

  • Dr Allen Gee, Frontier NeuroHealth - CEO

    You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Neurozone reliably assesses the foundational drivers of NeuroHealth including sleep, exercise, nutrition and neuroregulation. Based on the identified needs, quality content can be delivered to modify behaviors and improve health. Neurozone is quickly becoming a key component in my Integrative NeuroHealth clinic.

  • Bryan Chaplog, EAAB - CEO

    My team has never been so engaged. The focus has changed to problem solving. We have made huge progress. Attitudes have changed. Teams are being created. Our world view has changed, we have a more positive, purpose-driven team and we are trying to consolidate and align our ‘why’