The Neurozone Coaching Directory

The Neurozone Coaching Directory

Meet some of our Neurozone Advanced Coaches

All of our coaches are deeply neuroscience informed, and have completed the Neurozone Advanced Course.

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Andy Gild

With a strong neuroscientific base, Andy supports high performance, and sustainable behavioral and mindset change in individuals and teams. She integrates Neurozone® to develop resilience, Positive Intelligence® to build mental fitness and Conversational Intelligence® to empower healthy conversations.

Andres Haidar

My style is a mix of empathy, thoughtfulness, and commitment to co-create a safe space to navigate through your emotions and mindset, to stimulate reflection, increase self-awareness, and challenge limitation beliefs. As a results, you will gain clarity, strength, and confidence to move towards your goals.

Anja van Beek

The tools she incorporates in each session depend on each person's current reality and where they find themselves. It is about their ambition, what they want to achieve and then most importantly, how to get there. The coaching sessions have a specific structure to support learning and growth.

Barb Girson 

Clients describe her coaching style as thought-provoking, empathetic, focused-forward, transformative, organic, individualized, kind and equally direct.

Carina Fourie

Maximising Individual Potential and Connected Value Creating Teams. I follow a systemic approach, not working with individuals or teams in isolation. Included in my methods are CliftonStrengths Coaching as well as principles of Conversational Intelligence based on the neuroscience of conversations.

Caroline Passmore

Caroline is an Integral coach and uses applied neuroscience in her work. She is an Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner and accredited in the use of the Fearless Organization Psychological Safety Scan.

Danelle Esterhuizen

Over the last 12+ years, and thousands of coaching hours, she's developed a unique coaching approach that can adapt to the needs and preferences of each client. If necessary she'll use tools she's qualified in e.g. Insights Discovery, Enneagram, 5 Lens and Neurozone.

Erin Yoshimura

Erin uses a blend of Emotional Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence and personal branding, often weaving in neuroscience to help facilitate self-awareness and social awareness skills to improve relationships.

Gerda Kotze

Gerda uses diagnostic tools like the Enneagram and Neurozone High Performance Profiles to ensure a fruitful journey with life-changing outcomes

Irene Ricotta

I use Somatic Coaching, some techniques learned from Andree Veermuleen, narrative coaching and others from NLP.

Karen’s clients describe her as engendering, “a sense of trust and confidence”, and being “empathetic” in her approach. She applies a number of tools to her coaching as appropriate, eg., Enneagram and Neurozone Advanced Coaching. Karen was instrumental in launching Parental Transition Coaching in SA.

Kim Mussmann

She uses a holistic, neuroscience based approach, which is informed by various models and methodologies, such as the Enneagram and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. Her style is caring and daring, creating safety for clients to explore their goals, purpose and possibilities.

Len Rothman

He works with individuals and teams to reach their High Performance Readiness (HPR) using the Neurozone body of work and the neuroscience of conversation. He aspires for you to achieve HPR during each meeting enabling you to take action on both your strategic and tactical priorities.

Lihle Qulu

As a Behavioral Neuroscientist, Lihle uses both her Neuroscience background combined with the Neurozone performance drivers to support her clients. She creates a bespoke program for her clients using the drivers for high performance. Lihle holds a doctoral degree in Neuroscience and has worked with Duke University School of Business, and MIT Neuroscience in Business for Executive coaching.


Lily Breuning Ellis

I am a Consciousness Coach, as well as an Advanced Breathwork Coach, Advanced Neurozone Coach and have trained as Enneagram facilitator. My style is compassionate, and informed. I open my clients to relevant new information, and facilitate compassionate self-reflection to encourage growth.


Linda Saboe

Linda uses a variety of techniques as a sounding board, thought partner, confidant, and helpmate. Discussions are practical and actionable. She helps executives facing big challenges, transitions, drama, and change management. She holds a Doctorate & Advanced degree in Applied Neuroscience of Leadership.

Marion Adamson

Marion's coaching style focuses on creating a judgement free space for clients to explore their growth opportunities. Methods and tools are selected based on what works best for the client. A personality assessment tool she uses is Persolog.

Matilda Ciro

Matilda is a professional Leadership Development Coach and an Organizational Intelligence Consultant specialized in the psychodynamic aspect of Executive and Leadership Development at the University of Cambridge. With over 17 years of Executive Training experience for C-suite executives Matilda has the ability to understand mindsets and contexts of the business world.

Miguel Velasquez

Miguel partners with executive leaders with the potential for greatness to bring about change in their organization by helping them grow and share leadership. Miguel's coaching style includes the traits of compassion, authenticity, support, challenge, inspiration, and aspiration.

Olga Barkouskaya

Olga's approach is strengths-based and rooted in personal visioning, mindset-work, and developing self-awareness, personal choice, agency, and well-being.

Rene Petzer

Renee is an Integral coach who uses multiple coaching models to work succinctly with her clients. She is open and direct and is able to easily relate her business experience as an executive and a leader of large teams into her coaching practice.

Sonja Vlaar

Sonja was originally educated as an engineer nutritionist and later became a MSc Supervisor/ Coach. Her approach is influenced by biology and a systems-approach. She works with executives, business leaders and teams with a no-nonsense, actionable style of coaching conversations.

Stefan Lachmann

Creating value every minute in his coaching endeavour represents his coaching style. As a Certified Professional Coach (PCC credentials by ICF) and Certified Team Coach Practitioner (ITCA credentials by EMCC) he connects individual requirements in a team team environment.

Thoby Solheim

His approach is Non-Directive; Behaviorial; Systemic; Relational; Solutions Focused; deploys Behavioral/NeuroAnalytics as is useful to the engagement.


Thys Loubser

He uses Integral coaching where personality type, way of thinking and being, talents and intelligences, maturity levels and state of mind are applied appropriately. Mindfulness and meditation is a foundation of most of his coaching interventions. Helping you to think differently, discover and apply.


Wendy Nagel

Wendy is a leadership and business visionary and has been coaching individuals and teams for over ten years. Obsessed everyday, to uncover what is capable of being, but not yet evident. Getting into the conscious and unconscious mind, heart and actions that drive what we manifest.

Wolfgang Frank

Wolfgang is a holistic life coach practitioner. His approach is based on mindfully (re)discovering our authentic selves towards purpose & transforming our behaviors. His practice is informed by: Mindfulness; Neuroscience; The letting go technique & Human Design.

Zeldi Hall

Her style is warm, compassionate and rigorous in support of clients becoming more choiceful. Drawing on Integral perspectives, neuroscience, as applied by Neurozone, as well as the Enneagram, clients are equipped to manage the complexities of their worlds, with resilience and self-mastery.


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